Fine Arts Teaching

Experience in artistic education
2017 – 2019, Museographer at Art Museum Timișoara
2012, Teacher at Grigore Moisil Highschool Timișoara
2008-2011, Teacher at Fine Arts Highschool Timișoara

Teaching, monitoring and evaluating students activities
Evaluation at exams and contests
Tutoring students for competitions
Designing artistic activities with educational and social impact
Publishing articles in artistic and educational magazines

2003, BA/MA Sculpture Department, Fine Arts Faculty and Design, West University Timișoara
2010, PhD in Visual Arts (The Media Sculpture theme), Doctoral School, West University Timișoara
2010, Project Manager Diploma, Best Vision Advisory Training Institut, Timişoara
2011, Definitive Art Teaching Diploma, Department of Pedagogical Studies, West University, Timișoara

Awards for improving education
2010, PRO JUVENTUTE Diploma, Timiș County Council

Art Management and Leadership
Team leading at workshops and masterclasses / MAAM – Media Art and More (since 2020)
Projects and exhibitions monitoring / Avantpost Platform (since 2014)

Three-dimensional approach through drawing, painting, sculpture, composition and its transfer in finite materials through specific techniques, known as hard techniques (around the object)
Figurative sculpture approach (by knowledge of artistic anatomy) and non-figurative sculpture approach (by space geometry and structures)
Art history, comparative art phenomena, elements which determined their evolution
Theoretical and practical knowledge of preserving and restoring sculptures made of finite and semi-finite materials
Teaching general art and sculpture according to age levels

Modelling clay and non-conventional materials

Computer skills
Good command of equipments: camera, computer, network, sensors, printers, cutters
Good command of application softwares: 3D Studio Max (3D-4D simulations), Adobe InDesign (vectorial design), Adobe Photoshop (photo editing), Adobe Premiere (audio / video editing), WordPress (web design, branding)

Participation in evaluation committees
2012, 2013, NOIINFO Media Art Contest organized by Grigore Moisil Highschool Timisoara (Chair: Felicia Ianc)
2010, Edu@rt Contest 7th Edition organized by First Cultural Foundation, Timişoara (Chair: Elena Dumitrescu)

Articles published in the magazines for children’s artistic education
2010, 2011, Edu&Art (No. 6, 8) edited by First Cultural Foundation, Timişoara (Chair: Elena Dumitrescu)