I am a MEDIA ARTIST working on the interference between ART, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY


“In my sensor-intermediated installations, I wish to reveal the subtle aspects of how people impact the environment. Visible or invisible, intentional or incidental, momentary or lasting, individual or collective, corporal or energetic, the human imprints, digitized as a colored gestures or shadows of light, talk about an information saturation (not one is lost) but at the same time about the perpetual transformation of shape to another (everything is transformed). These aspects remind us of the 20th century anthropic principle, describing the universe as ready to cooperate with an intelligent observer in its grandiose design. So, with his recurrent interventions, the observer becomes a participant in the process of creation.” 

My Bio

I graduated BA/MA (2003) degrees at Sculpture Department and completed PhD studies (2010) in Visual Arts at Fine Arts Faculty, West University of Timișoara. I attended international conferences such as Stereo & Immersive Media, Lusofona University of Humanities and Technology, Lisbon (2018), Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology, Re:Trace Krems / Gottweig / Vienna (2017) and Re:New Riga (2013). My works have been presented in festivals of contemporary art, including Danube Art Festival Novisad (2018), Elektro Arts Festival Cluj (2018), Art Encounters Biennial Timișoara (2015).

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My Art

Along the last years, I became known for my theoretical and practical explorations on media sculpture, starting from the stereoscopic representation to the interactive and immersive digital installation. The concept of media sculpture started in the context of the doctorate as a particular case or as an anomaly around the traditional artwork. Later, it acquired its own status by defining the integrative media work of art as a corollary of perceptual addressing level, mutations of artistic processuality, as a meeting point of art, science and technology, but also of everyday reality.

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My Platform

Since 2014, along with five artists from Timisoara, I have founded the Avantpost Platform for manifesting and archiving local artists that work at the confluence of art, science and technology. The eight events of the platform included broader teams, addressing to a wider audience and contributing to the education of communities that do not have access to culture.

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My Research

In recent years, I have developed the Third Mind Project, a theoretical and practical exploration on the contemporary mutations of artistic processuality (artist, artwork and consumer) produced by the electricity. But more specifically, the project aims to identify the impact of controversial technological augmentation on human brainwave activity that affects the capacity to perceive, think and represent reality. I like the idea of being the ghost-hunter of immersion in hyperreality, mediated by a specific approach to the stereo immersive installation.

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My Exhibitions

My Teaching Art

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My Contact


Timișoara, Romania