Midnight Sun 2017

Multimedia installation

Exhibition: Art in Process – Process in Art, 21 December 2017, austellungsraum.at, Gumpendorfer Strasse 23, Viena

Curator: Penesta Dika


The work proposed in this project seems to be painting, sculpture, but also graphics; by extension, it may be an environment with multimedia effects (visual and auditory, tactile and kinaestetics). The visual augmentation of 3D stereoscopic glasses reveals versatile levels of artistic representation, regarding to multidimensionality (the ghost image in front of representation), addressing-reception based on interactivity and immersion (the participative viewer symbolically constructs and deconstructs the work) or extended semantics (see something usually hidden).

Technical specifications:

The 3D glasses are designed for an adequate perception in obtaining the desired effect. Attention, the red lens is always on the left eye!