As a graduate of  Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, Sculpture Department (2003) West University, Timișoara and Doctoral Studies of the same institution (2010), Aura Bălănescu explores various extensions of sculptural work, starting from video / audio analogic installation to stereoscopic representation. In her vision, the  stereoscopic representation has the potential of painting, sculpture, graphics and also the environment, these premises approaching it to the character of an integral artwork.

Co-founder of, collaborative and transdisciplinary platform (2014).

Museographer at the Timisoara Art Museum


Lives and works in Timișoara, Romania

2005 – 2009 PhD in Visual Arts (Thesis: The Media Sculpture) Fine Arts Faculty, West University Timișoara, Romania
1998 – 2003 BA/MA Sculpture (2003) Fine Arts Faculty, West University Timișoara, Romania

2014 Co-founded Avantpost – Transdisciplinary Platform Timișoara, Romania
2018 Upcoming: Publishing The Media Work of Art. An Integrative Paradigm (doctoral book)

2018 International Zip-Scene Conference – Analog and Digital Immersive Environments, Moholy Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest, Hungary

2018 Light Edu Symposium, Order of Architects from Romania / Timișoara branch & Faculty of Architecture Timișoara
2018 Elektro Arts Festival: Electroacoustic music, dance, digital photography and new media installation, Casa Matei / University of Arts and Design Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2018 3rd International Conference Stereo & Immersive Media: Photography and Sound Research, University of Humanities and Technology Lisbon, Portugal
2018 New Media Nova Festival: 3D Immersive Audio Lab, Wisp Kollektiv Mobile / Point Hub București, Romania
2017 7th International Conference Media Art Histories: Re:Trace / Media Art, Science and Technology, Danube University Krems / Göttweig / Viena, Austria
2013 5th International Conference Media Art Histories: Re:Make / Media Art, Science and Technology, Stockholm School of Economics Riga, Latvia
2011 AltArt / REMAKE – Rethinking Media Arts in Colaborative Environments, Paintbrush Factory Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2011 Possible – Uncertain. Photography, Video and Installation in Timișoara,  Timco Halls /Calina Gallery Timișoara, Romania


2018 Danube Art Festival: Timișoara – Novi Sad European Capitals of Culture 2021, Fine Art Gallery of the Mamuzić Gift Collection, Novi Sad, Serbia
2017 UNIVERSALLOWED Multimedia Show, Battery Factory Timișoara, Romania
2016 Hidden Agenda. In memoriam Sorin Oncu Temporary Museum of Contemporary Art Timișoara, Romania
Rezidența Scena 9 / NAG București, Romania
2016 Epicenter, Solo Show Art Museum & Kinema Ikon Arad, Romania
2016 Unseen. Celebrating DADA Helios Gallery Timișoara, Romania
2015 Becoming Connected, Art Encounters Biennale Memorial of Revolution Timișoara, Romania
2015 Beyond the Silence Banat Museum Timișoara, Romania
2014 The Vanishing Point Timco Halls / Calina Gallery Timișoara, Romania

2018 Baroc II Urban: Woman, All Too Woman / Art Museum Timișoara, Romania
2017 Art in Process – Process in Art Viena, Austria
2016 Triology, Solo Show Alfa Gallery Arad, Romania
2015 Meeting Point, Contemporary Art Biennale Arad, Romania
2013 Leap, Solo Show Geam Mat Gallery / Art Museum Timișoara Timișoara, Romania
2012 Sign Out / Video Art Festival Fine Arts Faculty Oradea, Romania
Visual Container Milano, Italy
2010 Young Artists Biennale / META Foundation, Portfolio Presentation, Știrbei Palace București, Romania
2008 Living Inside the Cube Delta Gallery Arad, Romania
2008 Sculpture Today. 4 Sculptural Discourses Delta Gallery Arad, Romania
2007 AIR / WARMING! Hard Hot Area Romanian Cultural Institut London, England
2007 AIR / Brâncuși -Tribute and Legacy National Monument Center Paris & Centre Pompidou Paris, France
2006 International Sculpture Symposium National Park Behringen, Germany
2006 UTOPIA Contemporary Art Festival Fine Arts Faculty Timișoara, Romania
2004 Transfigurations. Full Stop and Start Again. Prospections about Young Art in Romania, Art Museum Timișoara, Romania
2004 La creation contemporaine issue des ecoles d’art Centre d’Art Contemporain Mulhouse, France
2003 Night Shot Series 2/2 Gallery Timișoara, Romania
2001 MATERIAL / Installation Contest H’Arta Gallery Timișoara, Romania